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In the past I've replied to all correspondence from readers, even if it's a long while later.  But so many readers are writing to me about The Case Against Fragrance that I'm not able to answer every communication personally.  Please know how very much I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to contact me - it's wonderful to know that the book is speaking to so many people.  

In fact the volume of mail by fellow fragrance-sufferers makes me think that we could be a significant voice in the community, even though each of us might sometimes feel that we're dealing with the problem on our own. Fragrance is a serious issue of public health, yet regulation and control are almost non-existant. We are a third of the community, and we have the right to breathe air that doesn't make us sick.  With those facts in mind, some of you might like to take the need for action to our leaders.   You might, for example, consider writing to your local Member of Parliament and the Federal Minister for Health, drawing attention to the issue and arguing the need for better regulation and control of fragrances.